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Vleesmeester Brewery saw the light in 2010, when 3 friends –after years of frequenting beer festivals- decided to make their own beers. We bought ourselves a starter kit, and so it began.

Some people in our surroundings wondered what we were doing in the kitchen and wanted to come take a look. Whilst crushing the malt they thought we were grinding it in a meat mill. So they started calling us “Vleesmeester” which means meatmaster in Dutch. From then on we called ourselves “Vleesmeester Brewery”, a lay-outer and friend of ours made a logo, and “Vleesmeester Brewery” was born.

Fascinated by the less known beers out of the craft beer scene we started experimenting. Our preference went to hoppy beers and our firstborns were mostly IPA’s and Russian Imperial Stouts. One better than the other, by trial and error.

Along the way, the people, who weren’t into hoppy beers at first, started to find appreciation for what we were doing. In 2014 the guys from the Antwerp based band “Your Highness” asked us to make a beer to serve at the release of their album, this beer became “Hoogheid”.


The world of beer really evolved the last decade. Beer found its way into gastronomy, small breweries are experimenting all over the world. This can be noticed by the presence of more and more microbreweries and specialised beer bars.
Back in the day, lots of beers were associated with monasteries and county fairs. The names of those beers and the labels were mostly uninspired. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. But we thought it could be different.

Due to our broad personal interests in different aspects of the cultural world (movies, novels, poetry, music, paintings…) we thought it would be nice to use these references as names for our beers.
Since we also have lots of friends who are artists, illustrators or graphic-designers, we came up with the idea to have every label made by someone else and give them a unique platform to show their work to the world.

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